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AMS Global Logistics LLC operates as a total logistics company.

Receiving, storing, track and trace

By using a state of the art superior warehouse management system, we offer our partners real time updates on packages received at the warehouse. We provide detail information on each package down to the singular level in the process flow.


This involves the method of combining individual consignments from various shippers intone shipment from final delivery and destination. Consolidation methods include palletizing cargo, packing items into E or D containers and/ barrels.


Ecommerce fulfillment is the part of your Ecommerce operation that delivers your products to customers. Your e-fulfillment processes include several things. Getting products onto the shelves of our fulfillment centre is eCommerce fulfillment. Picking and packing orders is considered order fulfillment. Shipping times and methods are part of our third party logistics operations.

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AMS Global Logistics LLC operates as a total logistics company

Our organization has over 30 plus years of shipping and logistics expertise and is certified in this field. Thus, pioneering in the development of a superior warehouse management system. We currently serve partners in the Caribbean and are considered a leader in the market.

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